Our Moonshot

Moonshot /ˈmuːnʃɒt/

– An extremely ambitious and innovative project. (Oxford Dictionary)

-is an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking project undertaken without any expectation of near-term profitability or benefit and also, perhaps, without a full investigation of potential risks and benefits. (Wikipedia)


The term moonshot originated from the Apollo and Soviet lunar programmes aiming to land humans on the moon. In business settings, a moonshot takes into consideration a company’s “big, hairy and audacious goals (BHAG)” – one that they aspire for, the desired future state.

At the heart of creating a moonshot goal is a dream, a vision of what possibilities are laid out for a company, institution, organization. It also constitutes a commitment. It provides different stakeholders an idea of where the company will put their efforts on, where they will make their marks. Lastly, moonshot goals are important because of the impact that it brings. Google defines their moonshots as a project/proposal that addresses a huge problem, proposes a radical solution and uses breakthrough technology.

With BASE, Veronica and I have identified our moonshot as “Be the hub for scale-ups worldwide”

We believe in creating relationships and growing together. We are building a community of professionals that are committed to advance their business to the next level. We provide the knowledge, connection and collaboration needed to sustainably scale-up the business. Only by working together, we are able to elevate our businesses.

We want to bring together business owners, founders, professionals and policymakers to build relationships, advance by working together in a sustainable way and elevating business as a community.

We stand for Collaboration, Connection, Learning, Growth, and Respect

Our goal is to bring BASE Conference in 3 other countries next year: Spain, Finland and the UK. Within 5 years, we envision BASE Conference & Community in most parts of Europe with a membership of around 500,000 entrepreneurs.


BASE moonshot

Want to know more about Moonshot Thinking, watch this video from Laura Thompson




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