Scale from the BASE up
Our mission is to bring together entrepreneurs, managers and experts who want to build relationships, grow smartly and learn all there is to know so they can Build, Advance, Sustain and Elevate their and each others’ businesses.
We believe in creating relationships and growing together. We are building a community of professionals that are committed to advance their business to the next level. We provide the knowledge, connection and collaboration needed to sustainably scale-up the business. Only by working together, we are able to elevate our businesses.
We want to bring together business owners, founders, professionals and policymakers to build relationships, advance by working together in a sustainable way and elevating business as a community.
We stand for Collaboration, Connection, Learning, Growth, and Respect

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BASE was founded on these 4 pillars which shape the program for the conference, and are an important part of the values shared within the BASE Community.

Resource Management

the foundation for Building a prosperous business

Marketing and Sales

the core activities to Advance your business


the only way to Sustain growth within a business


the key to Elevate any business to the next level

Join our online strategy sessions.

Interested in understanding how these four pillars impact your business? Attend our monthly online strategy sessions leading up to the BASE Conference. During each session, different experts will take turn to cover one of the pillars, while giving away clear tips and takeaways that will help you shape your scale-up strategy.

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