September 17, 2020, Thursday

14:00- 14:15  Opening Remarks from Veronica Guguian and Lana Jelenjev,Founders, BASE

14:15 – 14:45  Plenary talk by Ynzo van Zanten, Choco Evangelist, Tony’s Chocolonely

14:45 – 15:15  Plenary talk by Daniel Roy, Co-founder, INFI


15:15 – 16:15   Strategy Workshops

Room 1: “Future-proof Your Business with a Solid Marketing Strategy” by Veronica Guguian, BASE Co-founder and Founder, SPIN Ideas

Room 2: “Humanizing Beyond Profit – Alternative Investment Structures and Human-Centered Work” by Elianne Oei, Co-founder, Epic Hub

Room 3: “Scale up Your Public Speaking Skills” by Margreet Jacobs, Presentation Trainer and Founder, Stage Heroes


16:15 – 17:15   Strategy Workshops

Room 1: “How to Connect Emotionally with your Audience” by Rosie di Lecce, Copywriting Expert and Coach, Writing with Rosie

Room 2: “Be The Change – How Creativity Can Help You Take Control” by David Chislett, Creativity Keynote Speaker, David Chislett

Room 3: “How Many Steps Are You From Your Ideal Client?” facilitated by Charles Ruffolo, Professional Network, NetworKing


17:15 – 18:15  Panel Discussion and Strategy Workshops

Room 1: Panel discussion on “Partnerships and Government Support for Scale Ups” moderated by Margreet Jacobs with panelists: Joël Dori, Startup Liaison and Project Manager at Startup Amsterdam, Julie Craik, Project Manager at Create Converge, and Dwayne van Der KlugtPartner at Ready2Scale

Room 2: “Building a High Performing Sales Team” by Ben Shorter, Founder and Sales Director, GTex

Room 3: “The SCALEit Method: How to Build a Team-Managed Company and Multiply Your Reach, Even in These Unprecedented Times” by Allison Maslan, Founder and CEO, Pinnacle Global Network

18:15 – 18:30 Mainroom: Closing for first day session


September 18, 2020, Friday

10:00 – 11:00 Strategy Workshops

Room 1: “Designing Communities for Change” by Lana Jelenjev, BASE Co-founder and Head of Learning and Design, Dream See Do

Room 2: “Culture Matters – Mission, Vision, Values Process” by Liam Miner, Lead Engagement Manager, Optimizely

Room 3: “Money Talks – Learn How to Price Well, Feel Good and Earn More”  by Ben Johnson, Founder, Ten Percent Better


11:00 – 12:00 Strategy Workshops

Room 1: “Connect: How to Build Real Relationships with Your Customers at a Time of Automation” by Simone Vincenzi, International Speaker and Co-Founder, GTex

Room 2: “Gamification Design Thinking” by Melinda Jacobs, Founder and Managing Director, Subatomic

Room 3: “Write a Book to Scale Your Business: 5 Steps to Becoming an Author” by Lucy Goodchild van Hilten, CEO and wordsmith, Tell Lucy


12:00 – 13:00  

Room 1: “Love Business, Love Innovation” by Alan Wick, Business Coach, Alan Wick

Room 2: “How Scale Ups Sabotage Their Success with the Wrong Hiring Strategy” by Estelle Roux-Stevens, Co-Founder and COO, Mentorjam

Room 3: Panel discussion on “Broadening our Lens on Scaling Up” moderated by Eric Burnik, CEO/founder of Vaice with panelists: Julia Skupchenko, Founder, AlterContactsLiselore Havermans, Research Director ScaleUp Lab, Scale Up Nation, and Florent Coudyser, Co-founder weGrow


13:00 – 14:00 Panel Discussions

Room 1: Panel discussion on “The Future of Work” moderated by Renée Veldman-Tentori, Communications Specialist, Zestee Communications, together with panelists: Jeremy Berman, Co-founder of Dream See Do, Thom Wenke, Co-founder and CEO of Start Dock, and Bernice Feller-Thijm, Inclusion Strategist, JustB

Room 2: Panel discussion on “Innovation as a Tool for Growth” moderated  by Jara Pascual, founder and CEO, KnowCo Collabwith with panelists: Christine MacKay, CEO and producer of Salamandra Animation Studios, Arne van Oosterom, founder and senior partner, Design Thinkers, Philippe Méda, Innovation Strategist, Innovation Copilots  and Lisa Stamm, Head of Communications, Codam

14:00- 14:30  Plenary talk by Yomi Abiola, Founder and Adviser, The Fem League

14:30-15:30  Celebrating “Humanizer Scale-ups” moderated by Julia Jelinska and closing remarks from BASE founders, Veronica Guguian and Lana Jelenjev.