About Us

About Base

BASE was founded in 2018 by Veronica Guguian and Lana Jelenjev and 2019 will see the first edition of the conference and the launch of the BASE community taking place.


Born from the idea of offering businesses a new meeting point to grow together and learn the art of scaling sustainably, the BASE conference is an event aimed at facilitating business interactions, sharing knowledge and resources and helping build better business environment, based on collaboration and active support.

Resource Management

the foundation for Building a prosperous business

We believe in building systems and managing resources in a way that brings the best out of people and supports businesses scaling up. Resource management should be aimed at creating great teams which are diverse and integrate different levels of talents and backgrounds. Next to a great team, we believe you also need to have in place the right systems and infrastructures that will save time and energy and that will contribute to smooth sailing and consistent growth.

Marketing and Sales

the core activities to Advance your business

With no sales there can be no business, and without marketing scalability of sales wouldn’t be possible. We believe that Marketing and Sales represent the core activities to position yourself in the market, create brand awareness, bring in returning customers, decrease turnover, enter new markets and make more profit to support your business while scaling up.


the only way to Sustain growth within a business

Sustainable growth comes from a combination of factors including smart accounting, precise administration, dealing with the legal side of things, investments, business loans and much more. Only by knowing your numbers and knowing how to interpret them can you actually have realistic, clear targets and steer your team efforts to lead your business to success.


the key to Elevating any business to the next level

A successful business, especially one scaling up, is the one that never stops innovating and taking advantage of the latest possibilities. The year of 2019 is seeing the surge and affirmation of blockchain, AI, VR, and much more as standard tools for both big corporations and SMEs. We believe that being constantly innovative – and learning how to do so – is important for any business looking to grow long-term and leaving a legacy behind.

Are you who we are looking for? Apply to be part of the conference.


The BASE Conference is perfect for:

  • Startups that have received their 3rd round of investment(s) and are ready to go to the next level
  • SMEs that are planning new launches or want to enter new markets
  • Entrepreneurs who want to scale their business from a ‘one-man team’ to a business utilizing multiple teams, systems and infrastructures
  • The Conference is exclusive boutique conference. If you are interested in learning about the sponsoring or partnering opportunities, please contact us.

What to Expect From The Conference?

BASE Conference is designed to make learning, connection and collaboration happen. The participants will experience a variety of sessions evening before the conference (online strategy sessions) and can choose from different topics during the event itself including:

  • Plenary sessions on the 4 Pillars
  • Strategy sessions with leading experts
  • Round table discussions on hot topics

Not Just a Conference But Also a Community

We are not just a Conference, we’re a community aimed at professionals who want to scale up their businesses. Within this community we will facilitate online strategy sessions, share knowledge and resources, do quarterly meet-ups and support the building of a better business environment.

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