Networking while working remotely

The key to networking while working remotely is to know the right person, whether you do business offline or online. 

Networking should take place all the time, not only in a time of need. It is a job in itself and requires preparation and the right intention. You need to know the right people to be able to get a job, sell your product, or your service.

You could view networking as being all about building a real human relationship. Therefore, if you go to an event, do not start handing out business cards or flyers to everybody without having an actual conversation with them. One positive aspect of the remote version of networking is that you HAVE to have the conversations.


Why are you networking?

Reasons might include the following:

 * Getting to know possible prospective clients;

 * Seeing the people you know and strengthening the relationship;

 * Exchanging and gaining ideas and knowledge;

 * Being visible, as it does not matter what you know and what you sell, but who knows you!

 * Finally: having fun.

The last one is the main reason I attend any event. When you have fun, your sparkling energy shines through. This helps attract the people who will make the event memorable and fruitful for your business in the future.


Networking offline versus online.

Once you establish your WHY, you need to define which type of networking event is bestr for you: online or offline. 

For me, it does not matter that much. In both cases, I would have fun connecting with amazing people and gaining the necessary knowledge I was looking for.

While you are attending an offline event, you can experience the actual human connection. That is an exchange of energy. Here you communicate with all senses, including body language, which is very important for me. You can show up dressed up. Women like to put on makeup and do their hair. Although of course, you can also do this online.

An online networking event is great for those who lack time, as you skip the commuting part. Moreover, anyone with internet access can join. With just the click, one can connect with the world. How amazing and profitable this is for your business!


The preparation.

Preparing for a networking event is like preparing for a job interview or a business meeting.

Make sure you know why you are attending the event. Generally, the top intentions are to find a connection, to build relationships, to do business, and finally to have fun.

You can see who has RSVP’d thanks to the digital technology. Take advantage of it!

Use LinkedIn to investigate the people who signed up for the networking event. You can see if you have any mutual connections or if you have any common interests. Investigate and take notes if necessary! That also helps with the anxiety of meeting new people.

You can send an invitation with a polite, friendly message that you will be attending the same event, and it would be great to connect. People like that, as attending any meeting offline or online is a pleasant way to get to know others.


Some basic rules when it comes to attending a networking event: 

 * Be on time. Even though the networking event is remote, it does not mean you should not be on time.

 * Cancel ahead of time if you cannot make it. It is just a courtesy to inform the host about your absence (if possible).

 * Dress-up to raise your energy.

 * Say hello in a chat box and say where you are from; it makes it more personal, and you will be noticed by others.

 * Remember: before you start the networking event to check your internet connection, your light settings and make sure your mic and camera are working,

 * Have a glass of water, a pen, and paper. You never know when you will need them.


What to do afterwards?

Sometimes you will not see the participants beforehand. In this case, make sure to connect with them via LinkedIn after the event, Send a thank you note for a pleasant evening and conversation.

If you made a list of what each person could be interested in, provide the info to your new connection or connect them with the person they are interested in. That will bring value to them and help you build a stronger relationship. 


The final note.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should investigate which networking event is the best for you.

There are lots of social media platforms and even more groups on each of them.

Networking online has never been more convenient. Online, you can find meetups events, webinars, masterclasses, and more.

Different tools are used, and thanks to them, you can see who is attending. Make a note of the person’s name and connect with them after the event with a friendly, introductory message.

To make your busy life more convenient, you could hire a Virtual Assistant.


The Virtual Assistant can keep you up to date with the events that are relevant to you, signing you up and place it into your schedule. All you need to do is to show up! 

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Written by: Joanna Trawinska

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