The CoViD19 challenge; Leading with kindness

Almost a year into the CoViD19 global crisis, the world is looking for effective ways to contain the virus and restore the economy while keeping its most precious resource – the people – safe.   

BASE celebrates companies that have found inspiration in these challenging times and managed to turn their business model around to support their people in a conscious effort to stick together. 

A few laudable trends worth mentioning:

➢ Pre-CoViD19, flexible hours and remote working were often treated as taboo, special distancing forced businesses to adopt unprecedented work flexibility levels. This gave their employees the option to continue working from home while also caring for themselves and their dear ones.

➢ Companies turned to employees for advice, listening to their needs to design policies to mitigate the crisis;

Google and Shopify allocated a budget for home office supplies, inspiring other companies to improve working conditions and to pay more attention to their employees’ need to balance work and personal life;    

➢ Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions (including proper protective equipment) has been vital support for employees where remote work is not possible;

➢ Senor leaders of companies like Jet Blue Airways and United Airlines led by example and took temporary pay cuts in order to save employee jobs; 

➢ Consciously switching the focus to local businesses (food, clothing but also vacation options) that continued to sell their goods and services online/take away.

So far, trust and empathy have surfaced in 2020 in unthinkable ways and hopefully the notion of “wealth” has been redefined for good.

During these unusual times, we have paused, looked around and realized that positive human relations and wellness are the new Wealth.

While the financial impact on businesses has been major, for some it was a wake-up call. As a result, the focus has landed on the people in an effort to build new, innovative systems meant to keep everyone afloat and thriving while dealing with the pandemic. 

Written by: Laura Bors


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