Scale-ups that lead the way in the time of CoViD19

Crisis hits when you least expect it and turns your life around. In the time of the current CoViD19 crisis, we, at BASE, celebrate businesses that have found inspiration in this challenge and managed to turn their model around for those affected.


The world is a village and the whole village has been “poisoned”.

In this time of CoViD19, we fear for our health, we fear for our lives and we fear for our families’ wellbeing. 

The pressure on the global health system is increasing every day. We acknowledge and embrace the medical-related technical developments that help release the pressure from the conventional medical system with great relief and optimism.

In today’s edition, we applaud top-tech forward thinkers such as: Blue Ocean Robotics, Dermalog, Arone and Zensors.

Unsanitary facilities are the last thing you want to worry about when you are hospitalised. Blue Ocean Robotics, a company specialized in the production of autonomous robots used in construction, agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, has focused its attention on robots that kill viruses and bacteria in hospitals using UV light.

After international travel was put on hold for weeks, a solution is sought to help put tourism back on track with as little risk of CoViD spread and contamination as possible. Dermalog has invented a biometric control system integrated with fever detection that will help identify and isolate people that present the CoViD symptoms in due time. 

Arone has focused its attention on increasing the delivery time for medical supplies by developing autonomous drones to transport vital medical products.

Zensors has developed software for counting how many people are queuing in public places. In the light of the CoViD spread and the imposed distance-related restrictions, the company decided to adapt and offer the software for free. It can be used to estimate how close people are standing to each other and to send an alert if too many people are congregating or passing through a small space.

Crisis hits when you least expect it and turns your life around. It brings uncertainty, anxiety and loss. But Crisis is also the catalyst for innovation, creativity and the chance to turn things around for the common good. 

In the time of the global CoViD19 crisis, we spot and celebrate businesses that found inspiration in this challenge and turned their model around for those affected and for their own brave and inspirational survival. 



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Written by: Laura Bors

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