Webinar report: Government Response to the Covid-19 Crisis: Measures taken to ensure business continuity

The Covid-19 pandemic has created very specific challenges for scale-ups and businesses around the world. This requires businesses to find ways to adapt, pivot and play new roles in order to thrive in a post-Covid-19 world.


BASE Conference’s first Webinar of 2020, held on May 7th, focused on how Governments are creating support programs to connect and give clarity to businesses during the Corona pandemic.

BASE Conference invited two experts to share the different resources that have been made available to help companies in The Netherlands.

Our first speaker, Joël Dori, Startup Liaison from StartupAmsterdam, introduced us to the role Startup Amsterdam plays in strengthening Amsterdam’s startup & scale up ecosystem. He then talked us through their initiatives, channels, projects and programs that connect all stakeholders involved and that position Amsterdam as THE tech hub to be part of.

Joël also presented the different resources and support measures offered by the Dutch National Government, the Dutch chamber of commerce (KvK) and the Amsterdam Municipality such as:

  • NOW: labor costs compensation fund
  • TOZO: bridging finance for self-employed entrepreneurs & freelancers
  • TOGS: compensation for sectors directly hit by Corona
  • COL & TOPSS: Startup specific measures


Our second speaker, Renée Andela, consultant at KplusV since 2016, explained how they’re helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their companies as well as find new revenue models and attract funding. With their ‘Ready to Scale’ Program they provide one-on-one support, group programs and different tools for Companies. This program aims to help businesses grow and pivot, especially during the Corona crisis.

Renée shared a very detailed overview on how businesses can access the Corona Bridging Loan (COL), which is a very important support measure targeting 4 groups:

  • Startups
  • Scale ups
  • Innovative SME’s
  • SME’s without bank credit

She also explained the criteria businesses need to meet to be able to apply for the COL fund, the 4 types of funding that is available at the moment, the information and documentation needed as well as a few tips and advice to help make the application process even stronger.

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Written by: Anel Alcala


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