Meet our Speakers


Our speakers are all hand-picked experts who are ready to share their knowledge and insights of the market and the different sides of a growing business. Here’s an overview of our speakers this year:

BASE Speaker Hon Yohan Byrde
H.E. Hon.Yohan Byrde
Secretary General and Executive Chairman Global Diplomatic Council, High Commissioner International Commission of Diplomacy
Fatima Elatik
Former District Mayor- Amsterdam Oost, Managing Director- Elatik Consultancy
Speakers-BASE_0001_David Beckett
David Beckett
International Pitch Coach, Founder- Best3Minutes
BASE Speaker KateRadford
Kate Radford
Programme Director - Can't Wait to Learn Warchild Holland
BASE Speaker Joseph Oubelkas
Joseph Oubelkas
Founder - Oubelkas Communications
BASE Speaker Nora Boukadid
Nora Boukadid
Head of Chief Data Officer Services - Deloitte
BASE co-founder Veronica Guguian
Veronica Guguian
Marketing Strategist - Spin Ideas, Co-founder - BASE
Patrick Wind
Forbes 30 Under 30, Managing Director - AdsAccelerator
BASE co-founder Lana Jelenjev
Lana Jelenjev
Learning Experience Designer & Community Director - Dream See Do
Frank  Uffen
Frank Uffen
Director of Partnerships - The Student Hotel
Speakers-BASE_0000_Blanca Guzman
Blanca Guzman
Senior Director - Nielsen
Ben Shorter
COO and Co-Founder - GTex
Georgiana Vasile
Commercial and Start-up Law Legal Counsel - The Legal Folder
Koen Veltman
Partner and Founder - OrganizationBuilders
Speakers-BASE_0004_Lisa Dempsey
Lisa Dempsey
CEO and Founder- Leadership Labs International
Marjel Quekel
Marjel Quekel
COO - Rockstart
Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers
UN Women Champion for Change, Manager Technology and Innovation
Scott Neilson
Senior UX Strategist and Designer - TallScott
BASE Speaker Simone Vincenzi
Simone Vincenzi
Member Forbes Coaches Council, Co-Founder - GTex
Speakers-BASE_0002_Elianne Oei
Elianne Oei
Business Transformation Expert, Founder - Futurist COllective
BASE Speaker Dennis
Dennis Cowles
Director - Dutch Connections BV
BASE Speaker Melinda Jacobs
Melinda Jacobs
Founder and Managing Director - Subatomic
Daniel Roy
Founder and Managing Director - INFI
Martha Mghendi-Fisher
Founder & Chair to the Executive Board - European Women Payments Network (EWPN)
BASE Speaker Nick Reineman
Nick Reineman
Founder - Startup Boot, Associate - No Monkey Business
Jara Pascual
Co-Founder and CEO - KNOWCO
Maarten Van der Biest
Business Unit Manager Online MBA - Vlerick Business School
Speakers-BASE_Kate Wilkinson
Kate Wilkinson
Visual Storyteller- Made by Kate
BASE Speaker Carlos Saba
Dr. Carlos Saba
Co-Founder Happy Startups School
BASE speaker Vicky Hampson
Victoria Hampson
Owner and Founder - Victorious Consulting
BASE Speaker Jessica Tangelder
Jessica Tangelder
Founder and Partner - Host2Transform International
BASE Speaker Kevin de Randamie
Kevin ``Blaxtar`` de Randamie
Founder & CEO - Braenworks
Blanca Vergara
Leadership Strategist - Your Looking Glass
BASE Speaker Bryan Cassady
Bryan Cassady
Director - Fast Bridge Consulting
BASE Speaker Ksenia Maliuta
Kseniia Maliuta
International Project Manager - Startup Amsterdam | SCALE
BASE Speaker Joel Dori
Joel Dori
Startup Liaison - Startup Amsterdam
BASE Speaker Luciana Ledesma
Luciana Ledesma
Founder AIdragons, ExO Certified Coach
BASE speaker John Milhado
John Milhado
Managing Director, Almico Adventures
BASE Speaker – Katrien van Beurden
Katrien van Beurden
Founder and director - Theatre Hotel Courage
BASE Speaker Christina Moreno
Christina Moreno
Founder and CEO - She Matters
BASE Speaker Chris Upjohn
Chris Upjohn
Principal, HR and Talent Consulting - Mercer
BASE Speaker Sangbreeta
Sangbreeta Moitra
Founder, Transform Exponential
BASE Speaker Jeremy Nathaniel Akers
Jeremy Nathaniel Akers
Transformation Coach - Wemanity
Carola Rodrigues
Keynote Speaker and Author - Social Selling
BASE Speaker Michael Aneto
Michael Aneto
Chief Design Officer - SAI
Spoken Word Poet, Rap artist & DJ


Speakers-BASE_0003_Charles Ruffolo
Charles Ruffolo
Professional Networker - The NetworKing Corporation
Jennifer Van Dijk
Jennifer van Dijk
Finance Director - van Dijk Accounting
BASE Moderator David Chislett
David Chislett
Chief Activator - David Chislett Training
Blanca Vergara
Leadership Strategist - Your Looking Glass
Jara Pascual
Co-Founder and CEO - KNOWCO
Renee Veldman-Tentori
Renée Veldman Tentori
Founder - Zestee Communication

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