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Here are scale up experts that we love and highly recommend. Do check them out.


``When the marketplace shifts and businesses retract out of fear, this is your time to double down on innovation, marketing, and team. Your voice will be heard while others are silent. There is no better opportunity to scale.``

Allison Maslan
Speakers-BASE_0003_Charles Ruffolo

``It's not who you know that counts, it's who knows YOU!``

Charles Ruffolo

``You have to be born Global``

Jara Pascual

As your business scales up, your results, responsibilities and opportunities grow. And so does your power to be a force for good! Use it well!

Julia Jelińska
Estelle Roux – Photo B_W

``Nail It before you Scale It``

Estelle Roux-Stevens

``Get up to work with people that are better and know more``

John Milhado
Katie Howard Cross
Katie Howard Cross
Lisa Dempsey PHOTO

“Relationships build scalable results”

Lisa Dempsey
Margreet Jacobs

“Scaling up a business is like a kid hitting puberty. One side wishes to remain careless as a child and the other side can’t wait to become an adult. All growth comes with struggle. Embrace them as they are preparing you for what it means to be a grown up.“

Margreet Jacobs
Kristien van Elteren PHOTO

‘Whatever you are Building, THINK BIGGER”

Kristien van Elteren

``Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That is how we learn and grow.``

Annebet van Mameren
Liam Headshot – Black and White

``It is imperative that you can articulate your value add to customers. Success is built on providing strong value to customers and having the right people to drive that success.``

Liam Miner

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Dr Steven R. Covey

Jamie Lingwood

You are either a REASON person or a RESULT person. Your choice!!!

Eric Burnik

``To scale up needs you to realise the opportunities that come with limitations. Resources and time mean that you will never be a one-stop-shop, so be open to collaboration with other businesses and lift each other up. We are stronger together.``

Monique Burgemeester
Stephanie Mazier
Rosie Di Lecce

'Scaling Up' is often a very personal concept that changes from business to business; what makes it universal is the ambition and the resilience needed to make a big vision come true

Rosie Di Lecce
Melinda Jacobs (2)
Melinda Jacobs